“Nour" - 100% Organic Cotton Knitted Baby Stroller Muff

Size Guide

Our ultra-soft ethically made stroller muff is a thing of dreams, especially during long cold winter walks with your little one. Delicately and sustainably knit, the Nour muff is made out of 100% organic cotton by our licenced knitters, who meticulously create every piece out of the softest, pre-washed and well-combed yarns. 

  • See-through pocket for your phone, to let you check calls without having to take your phone or hands out of the muff
  • Securely attaches to any stroller
  • Knitted with pre-washed and pre-combed yarns for ultimate softness
  • Easy-to-wash and safe for the environment 
  • Materials: 100% organic cotton

3 Golden Rules for Caring for your Cosy Mozy pieces:

  1. Be Gentle Machine wash warm (30-40°C) with similar colors. Choose ‘Knits/Delicates’ on your washing machine. Most importantly, never wash in hot water. 
  2. Lay Down Because our pieces are knit, we recommend laying them on a flat surface when drying, to make sure they keep their original shape after many, many washes.
  3. Stay Natural Only natural things should come in touch with your little one’s skin. Our clothing already is, but make sure you use natural detergents and stain removers when washing. This will also keep your water and our planet a little cleaner.