Our Purpose

Why we do what we do

We are a small team of relentless perfectionists, with a vision large enough to get us out of our cosy beds every morning. We have always had a thing for stylish, high quality pieces, but would gasp at the idea of how fast the fashion industry had become and how much our love of style is contributing to landfills and waste.

So we made it our mission to work toward a future where timelessly stylish pieces go hand in hand with gorgeous quality and sustainability. In fact, not only we are here to reduce landfills and toxic waste, we are also here to challenge the fast-fashion industry to do the same.

Who Makes Cosy Mozy pieces?

We have partnered up with wonderful suppliers who believe in what we believe in. Together we dream of making premium sustainable knitwear available to everyone at affordable prices. Together we believe in reducing landfills, eliminating the millions of micro plastics that get released in our waters and creating chic, beautiful knitwear.

They spin 100% natural yarns for Cosy Mozy using their latest high-tech equipment, while ensuring that their production team is always fairly compensated for the beautiful work that they do.

Women supporting women

We are not only here to surround you with the soft plushness of our natural knitwear, we’re also here to provide you with peace of mind about who we are, how we do things, how we knit our pieces and what our packaging is made of. Harness the time you had otherwise spent on ensuring brands are not greenwashing or ordering from unethical suppliers - we have ensured that everything we do is 100% sustainable, natural, no hidden toxins, no plastic packaging, no green washing. In addition, we know that by empowering women who believe in what we believe in, we empower the voices for a better world for our families and ourselves.