Introducing: An Audacious New Baby Brand COSY MOZY in Town

Introducing: An Audacious New Baby Brand COSY MOZY in Town

July 16, 2021

We didn’t even notice how quickly the time passed from the moment we first began imagining what Cosy Mozy would look and feel like one day. Many months and many hours of work later, many organic thread samples and irresistible design ideas later, our first all-natural Cosy Mozy collection is finally here: a game-changing, small-batch knitted clothing brand right out of Toronto and ready to be shipped anywhere you are (in our recyclable packaging!) 

We’re caretakers and parents too, and we know how overwhelming the world can get around us. Too many choices, too many brands greenwashing but not truly pulling their weight, too many low-quality, fast-fashion clothes or ones that are just too expensive. We created not only the softest, sweetest Cozy Mosy collection of baby knits at affordable prices, but our entire brand is built around the idea of being here to take off the pressure of you, not add to it. We’re here to hopefully provide you with a piece of mind, a helping hand, even in the tiny part that we play in your life— with transparency about our sustainable manufacturers, packaging, which fabrics and dyes we use for our clothes; with clear, honest communication about who we are and how we do things; with an openness that can provide you the necessary feeling of certainty 

Over the past year, we were out there, sourcing the best of everything: 100% natural threads, ethical and transparent suppliers, cotton and wool threads, recyclable materials for packaging, and most importantly, a team who believes in a future of a healthier planet! Then, we put it all together, added the magic spell of love, passion for what we do, and the synergy of our fabulous team, to arrive at a glorious collection of baby knits and a brand we are so proud of. You should see the results!

To reduce waste and overconsumption, we only order small batches of each knitted collection. We truly want you to get the most out of every beautiful Cosy Mosy item, and when your baby has outgrown it – pass it along to her or his siblings or friends. You don’t have to buy anything you don’t need; but when you are looking for the plushest, softest, and chemical-free knitted baby clothing, from now on, you have Cosy Mozy to rely on. Enjoy the beautiful new collection 

With love,
The Cosy Mozy team
Toronto, Canada